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Centralized Digital Sifaris and Darta Chalani System

A Digital Sifaris and Darta Chalani System is a computer-based system that streamlines the process of requesting, generating, and storing recommendation letters for public and to whom it may concern from the Local Government.

The desired goals and objectives is to address the needs/problems stated above. Key benefits of reaching goals/objectives are:

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Effective and Efficient use of (Financial and Human) resources
  • Representation of statistics
  • Push for digital needs

The main features of the system are:

  1. Recommendation Letters
  2. Disable ID Card 
  3. Elderly ID Card
  4. Certificates
  5. Darta Records
  6. Chalani Record
  7. Suchi Darta Records

For the technical aspect Aasha Tech will work in following requirement for smooth running of Software and to provide security to the system.

  1. Overview of application and database
    1. Application is developed in technologies which satisfy the below criteria: -
      1. Application is Mobile and browser base.
      2. There is WEB access to LIMITED data ( to be defined)
      3. Users ID and Password are created to allow access, the access will be user category restricted.
      4. Role based User are   created, as per their role in the organization.
  1. Database used will meet the below criteria: -
    1. Will have encryption feature for both symmetric and asymmetric.
    2. Will have export and migration feature.
    3. Will have logging feature of all activities what happens with data
  1. Reporting feature will have the following features.
    1. Will not incur extra license cost.
    2. Will have capability to export in Excel or Word or PDF formats
    3. Will have feature of creating custom reports in word or excel document and then plugging it into the system.
    4. Application deployment will be controlled centrally so that the Municipality can have ease of installation, deployment and future upgradation.
    5. Application will be following layered architecture with every layer having their own responsibility. In the architecture a clear distinct of UI, business logic and data access will be defined.
  1. From performance perspective application will respect the below:
    1. For scalability application will be able to run in Web environment.
    2. Will have proper caching strategies so that common data is not loaded again and again.
  1. Application will adhere to below security principles:
    1. Authentication and Authorization will be ticket based.
    2. Security will be implemented at minute role level and will be flexible.
    3. Audit of login and operation will be captured for at least of 1 year
    4. Low network bandwidth, data synchronization.
  1. Main Features of the Software
    1. Unique ID number to each user.
    2. One Point Solution, with single sign in to access all available features. Won’t require multiple installation/login for different modules.
    3. Application will be a web based solution and will utilize the browser power to put less load on the server.
    4. Application will support both On-premises and Off-premise
    5. The UI will follow, response UI architecture so that it can work on different screen size.
    6. REST API architecture needs to be adhered so that the data and UI part are decoupled and in future changes can be better managed.
    7. Application development will happen via central Repository Pattern with proper versioning, if wanted can have full access to the repository code, bugs and task done by the vendor.
    8. All sensitive information will be encrypted.
  1. Institution wise Reporting

Branch wise reporting as per needed.





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